Community Development Services are provided in different settings in the community, including volunteering. Maximum Support Services LLC provides Community Development Services that help individuals learn new skills and keep the skills they currently have related to their individual goals and outcomes. Community Development Services will be provided Monday through Friday only and may not exceed a maximum of eight (8) hours per day. Maximum Support Services LLC’s Community Development Services provides individuals with opportunities to engage in community-based activities that support building social connections, employment, socialization, life-long learning, recreation, and personal development for the purpose of:

  • Learning, practicing, and applying skills that promote greater independence and inclusion in their community, such as using public transportation and making and keeping medical appointments.​
  • Volunteering within a non-profit organization whose mission the person supports building and strengthening relationships with others in the local community who are not paid to be with the individual.
  • Training and supports designed to maintain abilities and to prevent or slow loss of skills for individuals with declining conditions.​
  • Meeting new people, making friends, and going to classes/activities for fun, fitness, or learning.​​
  • Community Development Services can also be used as support for individuals as retirement support based on the aging process.​
  • Participating in local community events.

Maximum Support Services LLC’s Community Development Services is a great source to assist individuals to become who they want to be in their community. Community Integration is key and vital for our agency to let the individual grow. We will make sure that our team advocates for the people they serve in addition to coaching them when needed. Our agency will make sure that all members of our team are making sure that individuals are engaged with their community. Community Development Services activities will include but are not limited to the participant’s engagement in:

  • Activities in which skills can be used to do the type of work the participant is interested in.
  • Self-advocacy classes and activities.
  • Local community events.
  • Volunteering within a non-profit organization whose mission the participant’s support.
  • Training and support designed to maintain abilities and to prevent or slow loss of skills for a participant’s declining condition.

Through our meaningful Community Development Services activities, a participant learns new skills such as:

  • Employment
  • Socially acceptable behavior
  • Effective communication
  • Self-direction and problem-solving
  • Engaging in safety practices
  • Performing household chores
  • Performing self-care tasks

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